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How to Make Accurate Diagonal Creases Video-Courtesy of British Origami Society by Paul Hanson

This is the start of a series of instructional videos produced by members of the British Origami Society, which can be found on their web site http://www.britishorigami.info/practical/videos.php

There are many useful web sites that you can visit to give you guidance and further instructions about Origami.

This is another Origami Video by Paul Hanson from the British Origami Society's web site The link for this video ishttp://www.britishorigami.info/practical/videos.php


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Information and Advice on Origami and Paper Crafts

British Origami Society:Home page of the British Origami Society, membership, advice and diagrams for beginners, useful contacts and much more.


Creased Lightning:Home page of Mark Bolitho, Origami Artist and Designer