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1989 Model Collection Spring Ebook
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A complete PDF of the Collection – 65 pages

Rabbit – Eduardo Clemente (Spain)
Rat – Eduardo Clemente (Spain)
Modular Decoration – Steve Daniels
Waterwheel – Jeff Beynon
‘A’ Size Unit Cross – Jeff Beynon
Unit Frame – Jeff Beynon
‘X’ Star – Jeff Beynon
Fancy Dish – Chinese Traditional Diagrams by D. Petty
Flapping Bird – Kunikiko Kasahara
Pencil Holder – David Petty
Coeur Aile (Winged Heart) – Francois Ziegler
Cat – Paul Groom
Trabajos Manuales – Vicente Palacios
Roseta – Vicente Palacios
Cesto – Angel Ecija
Sail boat (Velero) – Vicente Palacios
Wind Surfer – Nick Robinson
Shoe – Nick Robinson
Hoping frog – Traditional from Singapore Collected by Nick Robinson
Newspaper box – Traditional from Singapore Collected by Nick Robinson
Star – Nick Robinson
Yacht with Tacking Sail – Based upon a Paul Jackson design diagramed by John Cunliffe
Valli Envelope – John Cunliffe
Woodpecker – David Mitchell
Development of bases from Paper divided into ninths – David Mitchell
The Enigma Cube – David Mitchell
Pig – Edwin Corrie
Top Hat – Edwin Corrie
Rabbit – Edwin Corrie
Goose (diagrams unnamed) – Dave Brill
Star – Paolo Bascetta
Pajarita Page Marker – Francis Ow
Loving Pajaritas – Francis Ow
Valle Di Natale (geometric shape) – Silvane Betti Famino
Chimpanzee – John Richardson
Snail (Chiocciola Di Luciano) – Unnamed creator
Kneeling or Flying Angel – Lore Schirohauer
Module 3 Way Joint – Natale Fietta
Piggy Bank (Dollar Fold) – (unnamed ‘MHR’)

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