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2008 Model Collection Spring Ebook
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A complete PDF of diagrams from this convention’s Model Collection – 255 pages!

Traditional Star Reliefs by Les Sunderland 2
Square Squared by Ilan Garibi
Envelope by Janina Weinand
CD-Wallet for 5 CDs by Janina Weinand 5
Memo Box by Janina Weinand
Zig Zag Masks by Bruno Ferraz
Cat by Anna Kastlunger
Dog by Keith Foster
Blossom Babies by Zsuzsanna Kricskovics 12
E.L.F.A envelopjes by Jannie van Schuylenburg 13
?E?lfa-envelopje by Jannie van Schuylenburg 14
e?L?fa-envelopje by Jannie van Schuylenburg 15
el?F?a-envelopje by Jannie van Schuylenburg 16
elf?A?-envelopje by Jannie van Schuylenburg 17
?Big? Sailboat by Nick Robinson
Mehlem Envelope by Nick Robinson
Minipotamus by Mike Dilkes
West Coast Origami Guild Boomerang by Andrisan & Cowling 21
Airplane Glider by Michael Ujin Sanders 24
Pythagoras 1: Euclidean 3-4-5 Triangle by Sanny Ang 26
Pythagoras 2: Euclidean Parallelogram by Sanny Ang 27
Pythagoras 3: Dissection by Sanny Ang
Pythagoras 4: Tilted Square by Sanny Ang 29
Letter Fold by John Morgan
Euro Butterfly by Paula Versnick
Bunny Shoe by Zsuzsanna Kricskovics
Swan by Rikki Donachie
Cherry Blossom by Sanja Srbljinovi?c ?Cu?cek 37
Stromboli by Peter Budai
Butterfly Amonnines by An de Vries
Bookmark with Butterfly by Swapnil Shinde 42
Manga Girl by Gilad Aharaoni
Receding Hairline by Mike Bright
Square Rotor by Loes Schakel
Rotor Variation by Loes Schakel
Blintz Unit Models by Meenakshi Mukerji 54

Shirt with Open Front by Mary Ellen Palmeri 59
Bracelet by Andrew Hudson
Angel of the North by Mark Leonard
Green Dot by Sy Chen
The Twirl Flower by Krystyna Burczyk
Stern Silvana by Carmen Sprung
Stern Constanze by Carmen Sprung
Cat by Edwin Corrie
Panda by Roman Diaz
Rabbit by Peter Budai
Chair No. 2 by Helen Lee
Hornbill by Ronald Koh
Elephant by Robert Lang
Hippo by Robert Lang
Smoker by Marc Kirschenbaum
Heart Locket by Francis Ow
Parrot by Marc Vigo
Penguin by John Morgan
Owl by Anita Barbour
Vulture by Anita Barbour
Sphinx by Anita Barbour
Flipper/Fiddler Flexagon by Tung Ken Lam 107
Dog Fish by Michael La Fosse
Striped Cube by John Montroll
King by John Montroll
Concave Dodecahedron by Boaz Shuval
Scissors by Uwe Hollerbach
Mouse by Cheng Chit Leong
Bat by Tom Defoirdt
Anvil by Mark Bolitho
Zorro (firefox) by Patricio Kunz
Eagle by Rafal Sabat
Airplane by Rafal Sabat
Kangaroo by John Morgan
Cat by Daniel Naranjo

Horse (Version 2) by Ronald Koh
Extinct Bird by Nicolas Terry
Spica by Peter Budai
Pelican by Ken Yonami
Evie by Jason Ku
Wild Boar by Fumiaki Kawahata
Margined Coral Fish by Steven Casey
Mouse by Nicola Bandoni
Elephant by Mark Bolitho
Yoda by K. H. Hon
Last Dragon by Fernando Gilgado

Special Guest
Cat?s Eyes by Max Hulme
Box and Lid by Max Hulme
Swan and Cygnet by Max Hulme
Frogman by Max Hulme
Humpty-Dumpty by Max Hulme
Fork Lift Truck (Toyota) by Max Hulme

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