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2020 Model Collection Spring Ebook
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A PDF copy of the Model Collection for the proposed 2020 convention in Hull, cancelled due top covid.  128 pages of exciting and mostly unpublished designs!

Shoko Aoyagi Yakko Chihuahua
Shoko Aoyagi Tree Card
Shoko Aoyagi Chipmunk
Shoko Aoyagi Shiba Dog
Iris Walker Flexagon
Iris Walker Kennel
Eric Kenneway Goggles
Eric Kenneway Leaping Boy
Lance Morley 8 Point Star
David Petty Christmas Lantern
John Smith Butterfly
Noel Stanton Mermaid
Ted Norminton Bookmark
David Petty Rota-Cup
Junior Javier Vivanco Garcia Fennec Fox
Sy Chen Butterfly Card
Tim Ward & Trev Hatchett Moth
Joan Homewood Kangaroo
Paul Jackson Econigami
Jeff Beynon Bigtail
Mick Guy Red Brick Puzzle
John Emmett Boxes
John Richardson Cat Mask
Edwin Corrie Coaster 47
Peter Lillington Bull
David Collier Flower
Max Hulme Pterodactyl
Herdy Soepono 2 Hearts
Linda Marlina Malabar Butterfly
Yara Yagi Fior Di Tirennia
Max Hulme Butterfly
Francisco Javier Caboblanco Gordosaurio
Francisco Javier Caboblanco Ivanosaurio
Viviane Berty Papillon qui butine dessin
Sharon Turvey Napkin Heart
Nick Robinson House Logo
Joan Sallas Aquarium Fish
Jo Nakajima Java Sparrow
Matthew Wong Jumping Bull
Edwin Corrie Kitten
Rob Snyder Rabbit
Tony O’Hare Bristol Balloons Scene
Wei Lin Chen Squirrel
Rob Foord Fenestrated Cube
Rob Foord Iris Cube
Oriel Esteve Raccoon
Marc Kirschenbaum Year of the Rat
Francis Ow Cubo Module
Lee Armstrong Rat
George Ho Pip Holder
Rikki Donachie Little Bat
David Donahue Gift Box
José Meeusen Star 2000

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