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BOS Model Collection 2005 Autumn (Lancaster)
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The complete collection of model diagrams from this convention in printed format.

Alex Bateman Tesselations
Andr?s Fernando
S?nchez Restrepo
Andrey Lukyanov Harlequin Heart
Letter B with Heart
Letter D with Heart
Letter E with Heart
Letter F with Heart
Letter M with Heart
Letter O with Heart
Letter S with Heart
Harlequin Star
Boaz Shuval Small Rhombicuboctahedron
Christine Tate Dog Ear Bookmark
David Petty Space Rocket
David Raynor Flower
Edwin Corrie Fox
Emily Sue Kwan Star Flower
Galen Pickett Crash
Gilad Aharoni Popsicle
James Adams Angel 2
Horse 2
Magician’s Hat
Sea Turtle
Jens Helge Dahmen Santa Claus
John McKeever Curvy Shape 4
John Szinger Lizard
Les Sunderland Expansion Pleat
Mark Bolitho Reed Version 2 (whistle)
Marc Kirschenbaum Pureland Eagle
Mark Leonard Modified Fujimoto Tesselation
Matthew Dunstan Scottish Terrior (dollar bill fold)
Max Hulme Construction Set
Lunar Excursion Module(LEM)
made with the Construction Set
Mick Guy ‘L’ Puzzle
Tony O’Hare Orimpic Medal
Nick Robinson Caterpillar
First Flight
Nicolas Terry Awful Louse
Peter Paul Forcher Gorilla
Sharon Turvey Diamond
Sy Chen Honey Badger
USB Port
Tung Ken Lam Six-piece Icoshedron

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