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BOS Model Collection 1993 Spring (Birmingham)
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The complete collection of model diagrams from this convention in printed format.

Catapult Pomaron C
Hexagon module Ow F
Flower card Brown W
Flower & stem Robinson N
Fish Jackson P
Egg-holder chick Kricskovics S
Dove Palmer S
Lastolite mark 2 Robinson N
Chick Corrie E
Baroque star Strobl H
Candle bowl Maclean N
Caja (box) Pomaron C
Becher also (cup) Mulatinho P
Bear Albertino L
Water lily Shepherd P
Anahata charra (heart centre) Maclean N
Dog Palmer S
Spaniel Forcher P
Swan Foord R
Sunny star Krooshoop Jose
Lion Weiss S
Star garland Petty D
3d star Brill
Rotor box 2 Beynon J
Rhino Haui B
Rana (frog) Gimeno J
Pureland throne Smith J
Puppy Palmer S
Prince-nez moustache Strobl H
Nutlose schaufel (useless trowel) Mulatinho P
Matchbox Corrie E
Marzene star Petty D
Stretch pinwheel Beynon J

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