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Sink or Swim by Ted Norminton


42 pages 21 models intermediate. The second in the series includes more flowers (Canterbury Bell Snowdrop & Tulip) as well as a wide variety of other subjects an elephant cassette tray yacht bird taking off bookmark and a superb Santa. The booklet is worth buying for the Seagull alone which includes a classic move now known as the “Norminton Lock”. If you are thinking of buying either of these volumes you really should invest in both at the same time. Box 1 / Punnet / Yacht / Bird / Box 2 / Duck taking off / Elephant / Flapping Seagull / Santa / Valentine Card / Penguin / Woodpecker / Bookmark / Cassette tray / Wild Canterbury Bell – Bloom / Christmas Ornament / Snowdrop – Bloom and Stem / Tulip – Bloom and Stem / Gift Box

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